Inclusive performance "Leningrad"

 This is a fundraising action

The money that we will collect from the sale of online tickets will go to the development of the theater studio and to create a new play.

Elena Niga, president of "The Open Hearts” organization, head of the theater studio

 "During this time they began to speak better and on stage they are not only heroes but they also play their roles. On the stage there are no small or big roles, every role is important and therefore even the smallest pieces of scenes are worked out, every tiny episode, so that the viewer can forget about everything for a while and become a participant in the events taking place on the scene."


Vasily Selyukov, director of the theater studio

 "If you are moving in a stroller, this is not a limitation. This overcoming of words: "I can`t do it" but from rehearsal to rehearsal, it turns out that it turns out that it turns out that even if you thought that “You couldn`t” but suddenly you begin to believe in yourself, in your strength, in your abilities and this is not the limit!

Many of us understand that they have the weak speech or there are clamps, complexes, fear of the public, audiences but all rehearsals and hard work on the role help and harden. Theatre doesn`t open them a real life full of all kinds of troubles in everyday life, but theatre opens the horizon, expands the spectrum, makes this life more accessible to them. "