Festival of Folk Traditions “Siberian Maslenitsa”

Online feast for everyone in all countries of the world!

Festival of Folk Traditions “Siberian Maslenitsa” was broadcasted on February 26, 2017 from the village of Sukhobuzimskoye (the Krasnoyarsk region). 
You will see here the highlights of the festival. You’ll be introduced to the real Siberian Maslenitsa traditions and games.

If you have never seen how Cossacks attack the Snow Town, it’s time to see it now! “Taking a Snow Town” became Siberian Maslenitsa tradition in the Krasnoyarsk region that was pictured by the great Russian artist Vasily Surikov in his painting “Taking a Snow Town” who lived in the village of Sukhobuzimskoye. Surikov portrays an amusing game typically played on the last of Shrovetide. A small town would be built from snow and ice. One group would guard the town while the other attacked. This game came from the Cossacks in remembrance of the subjugation of Siberia.

The organizers have kept the Surikov’s vision. They do build the Snow Town. All participants (the Yenisei Cossack Army Society) are divided into two groups. One group guards, the other one attacks. The game continues as long as the snow town will not be taken and totally destroyed.