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Drama music concert in 2 parts (is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution)

Dmitry Alexandrovich Prigov

Age guidance: 16+

Duration:  2 hrs 50 minutes

The play is based on the texts of the famous Moscow poet and artist Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov (1940-2007). The name of Dmitry Alexandrovich is widely known in Russia and abroad. One of the main themes in the work of Prigov was the country in which he lived - the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


A great festive performance, the concert, is dedicated to the great Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. All  creators and participants of this dramatic performance are young people who were born in the USSR. Someone was an Octobrist, a pioneer, someone managed to get a ticket to a member of the Komsomol. The events of 1917 and the whole subsequent history of the country for the majority of young people is a series of myths that fasten together historical facts and this performance. This is the feeling of young Russian people of these events and their tribute to the biggest period in the history of our country.


In the program of concert:

-The people`s Theatre of Revolutionary Petrograd,

-The exclusive performance of soloists of the Big and Small musical theatres,

 -The performance of the twice redknight choir named after Anastas Mikoyan,

 -The premiere of the highly artistic film "The Tale of Three Times Hero of the Soviet Union Alekseev"

-The theatrical lecture "Pushkin is Russia"

-The instructive patriotic tale-epic about the victory over the enemies.


Director - Dmitry Egorov

Multimedia Director - Natalia Naumova

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