APF. Youth Big Band

Youth Big Band «Timetravellers»(Panama, Russia, USA, Japan - The Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region, http://apfest.com), for the audience 6+

Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic Hall

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes


«We never come back the way we were…»

«Youth Big Band» is a union of young and professional musician who play together in one big orchestra.

The concert program of the “Time Travellers” includes well-known Russian folk and jazz pieces arranged by LaFrae Sci as well as her original music, that has been written and inspired by her creative, musical and life experience – to Mikhail Bulgakov, the city of Krasnoyarsk, people and musicians who live in Krasnoyarsk and New-York and feeling that they have during their travels.

Travelling is not only a chance to see (or to come again at) a new place, see its nature, architecture and culture. It’s a temporary relocation to another world. Also any travel is a time travel. Today everyone can take a look at future or past. Some people can do that by changing time zones, some – by music because it has no time limits. That is why the program is based on LaFrae’s personal experience. She travels a lot; she is a Cultural Ambassador, and when she comes to any country first of all she learns its cultural traditions and then reflects it in her music. The same thing happened here in Siberia.

In her program LaFrae tried to express the richness of Russian folklore which goes with jazz music perfectly. Jazz music  is a folklore of Afro-American people. The style of her music can be described as a collaboration of jazz, blues, folk of two cultures – Afro-American and Russian. At the concert the viewer himself becomes a traveler, with the help of music he looks into past, sees the present and thinks about future.


Conductor, composer and Artistic Director – LaFrae Sci (drums, USA) groovediplomacy.org

.   Students and teachers of the Krasnoyarsk Art College (Russia)

.   “Moonlight” ensemble (Russia)

.   Alex Blake, double-bass (Panama)

.   Brandee Younger, harp (USA)

.   Tamar-kali, vocals (USA)

.   Beth Fleenor, bass-clarionet (USA)

.   Masashi Action Machine (Japan)